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Inside Out Ventures

Developing Leaders, Teams, and Families from the Inside Out


Kolbe Certified™ Consultants

Kolbe Youth Specialists™

Worksite Wellness Initiatives for Organizational Well-Being

Employee Wellness Training

Inside Out Ventures provides innovative customized approaches to cultivating organizational well-being with a focus on:

- Self-care and personal well-being impacting the organization

- Individual/team strengths and talents

- Leading and managing a workforce from a healthy place

- Communication and accountability skills

- Increased vitality, leadership, and a more positive team culture.

- Greater self-awareness, confidence, and effective job performance.

Break Room Boosters - Energize your workforce! What's in your break room?

- Provide high-grade nutritional snacks (fuel) to restore energy levels and mental focus

- Activate brain power and alertness through mindful movement

Nutrition for your best, most vital self.

Inside Out Ventures has created a Life Matters Nutrition Box to provide clean “high grade fuel” for body and brain. For those who get busy and sometimes forget to eat or make interesting food choices, this Nutrition Box provides the fuel needed to perform well and help each individual on the team work well together. Increase energy levels and stamina, keep a positive attitude and sustained mental focus.

Mindful Movement for Mental Alertness - Decrease risk of injury and absenteeism.

5 min Yoga, Brain Gym, Energy exercises, and Brain Games to stay fit, mentally alert, and injury free.  

Inside Out Health Action Plan (HAP)

What does it mean to be healthy and feel well from the inside out?

Create a Health Action Plan that’s right for you... to help you not just get through your days, but to move through your days with energy, clarity and a vital presence. An HAP is a combination of assessments and self-care practices to individualize your use of: Food, Fitness, and Self-Expression.

(5 or 10 pack)

Food - Choosing and Preparing Healthy Foods for your Unique Makeup

Food Assessment - Based on Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s work, Change Your Genetic Destiny

Help identify foods that are most beneficial for your body, blood and genetic profile. You will receive a list of super foods and foods to limit or avoid.

Take your Genotype Food List to the grocery store, learn to:

- Choose your best foods

- Understand food labels and basics in Healthy food preparation

- Keep it Simple - Veggies, Proteins, Drinks, Carbs and Fun Food

Fitness - Movement and Bodywork

Movement - Use the most effective type of exercise /movement for your body and blood type to charge your metabolism and more fully embody health. Includes the 5 Rites Rejuvenation movements.

Bodywork Sessions - Support the well being of your body through a combination of CranioSacral, Feldenkrais®, Muscular Re-education, Breath and Meditation sessions.

Self-Expression - Listening to and Learning from Inner Wisdom

Core Conversations - Belief Work. Identify and replace old beliefs which no longer serve you. Create new beliefs through Core Conversations that will empower a new sense of well being, clarity, new behaviors, and ways of relating which will promote and maintain greater health and happiness.

Builders vs. Barriers in Communication and Relationship Building - Learn simple phrases and questions that will BUILD communication and relationship. Find your authentic voice and choose attitudes to create win-win situations in every relationship in your life.

Self-Care Training - Cultivate self-care practices in the following areas: mental clarity, fueling the body, moving with intention, trusting your gut, nurturing the creative spirit, and courageous communication.