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Inside Out Ventures

Developing Leaders, Teams, and Families from the Inside Out


Kolbe Certified™ Consultants

Kolbe Youth Specialists™

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) Classes

Re-Learn to Move... from the Inside Out.

Celeste Ross, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® teacher, will verbally guide you through a series of slow, mindful movements to free the body/mind connection and experience powerful shifts in strength, flexibility and mobility. Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons are designed to help organize the functional movements of daily life. Stand, sit, or walk with greater ease, safely lift objects, improve posture, breathe more easily, and find more balance in sitting, standing and walking. Athletes enjoy greater performance and many students are often amazed at the quick and clear changes - even a decrease in chronic pain - that occur through this neuromuscular re-training.   

"Increase your quality of attention and you will increase your quality of movement." CJ Ross

Times: TBA (new times in 2020)

Prices: $20 Drop-in

$85 for Package of 5 classes (save $15)

$150 for a Package of 10 classes (save $50)

Location: TBA (new in 2020)

Individual Feldenkrais® (Hands-on Functional Integration) Lessons

Re-train your muscles, bones, nerves and tissues to move the way you were designed to move - FREELY! Let go of old restrictive patterns of movement which may cause you pain, discomfort or keep you from doing things you love to do. With hands-on Feldenkrais® lessons, you can reclaim your freedom of movement, increase flexibility and power, decrease pain and discomfort, and walk tall in the world. During the session, Celeste will use gentle exploratory movements that respect your unique body/mind connection and will help establish new neural pathways, allowing your nervous system and physique to function with greater efficiency and ease. Lessons are 60-75 mins.   

 Prices: $100 per lesson

$285 for a package of 3 (save $15)

$475 for a package of 5 (save $25)

$875 for a package of 10 (save $125)

Office Location:

291 Main St, Room #5, (Third Floor)

Great Barrington, MA 01230

(Enter through the glass door next to the Evergreen store that looks down the long hallway toward the elevator.)

For more information or to pay using a credit card via PayPal, use [email protected] Thanks you!

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