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Inside Out Ventures

Developing Leaders, Teams, and Families from the Inside Out


Kolbe Certified™ Consultants

Kolbe Youth Specialists™

Thanks for visiting Inside Out Ventures!

We appreciate that you have taken time to visit us online.

Explore our consulting, training, and youth services grounded in principles and practices that leverage the power of human instincts and natural abilities. With us, people learn to lead and build relationships that transform their organizations, personal lives, and extended communities.

We look forward to serving you. Celeste J. Ross, Founder


To develop empowered leaders, teams, and families to build the future well.


To provide transformational education and coaching experiences that develop empowered, compassionate, and highly effective leaders, teams, and families.

Work well, play well, live well... from the Inside Out!

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or at 602-663-7600

Pricing for Individual, School, and Corporate Packages Available Upon Request -

Phone, In-Person and Video Sessions Available